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It has been tested with an Atari STFM.
The chip (IC1) is a 74LS86.
All resistors are 250mW 5%. C1 is a 100nF capacitor, the type and voltage rating are not critical, but I suggest a ceramic type.

I used the P9 power connector on the GBS-8200 V4.0 board to "steal" a +5V supply for this circuit. Red is +5V, black is 0V/GND.
Connect the Atari STF(M)/STE up as per the table below.
On the schematic diagram, the output is called "Comp Sync out" but in the table I refer to the same signal as CSync.

Code: Tout slectionner
       Atari      signal      wire colour   GBS-8200 V4.0 board
    13 pin DIN                                 P11 connector
        6 ------green video---green wire------------"G"
        7 ------red video-----red wire--------------"R"
        9 ------HSync---------to 78LS86 circuit
       10 ------blue video----blue wire-------------"B"
       12 ------VSync---------to 78LS86 circuit
       13 ------Ground--------black wire------------"GND"
                CSync from----grey wire-------------"S"
                78LS86 circuit
                No connection-yellow wire-----------"VS"